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Round-Up of COOK IT HEALTHY - Part3 and RESULTS !!

Friends...this is the final set of proteinicious entries of the event COOK IT HEALTHY. I have categorized the rest of the enrties as Eggs, Sea Food, Meat-Chicken/Mutton/Beef and finally Quinoa, Nuts and Others. If I have missed any of your entry or categorised/linked it wrong, its only by mistake and please do inform/correct me. I hope you will enjoy viewing all the  wonderful proteinicious dishes and will surely try them out too. 

Part1 which mainly had Pulses category can be viewed here.

Part2 which had Paneer and Soy categories can be viewed here.

For all your efforts, I thought of giving some awards for this event as a token of appreciation. Award categories I thought of are - WINNER, MOST INNOVATIVE, TOP CONTRIBUTORS, GOOD FOOD's Favourites, BEST PRESENTATION and finally PARTICIPATION awards for all.

So scroll down for the results...... :)

Eggs :

Aarthi of Yummy Tummy - Mexican Scrambled Eggs

Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes - Simple Egg Sandwich

Reva of Kaarasaram - Egg Florentine Sandwich

Sangeetha of Typical Indian Cooking - Vegetable Omelet Paniyaram

Laxmi of Samayal Diary - Muttai (Egg) Kuzhambu / Curry

Mughda of Cooking Fundas - Egg Veg Sandwich, Egg Mayo Sandwich

Finally, my entry - Scrambled Eggs with Spinach

Sea Food :

Khushi of A Girl's Diary - Golden Rawa pomfret, Salmon Platter

Laxmi of Samayal Diary - Prawns/Shrimps 65

Shilpi Bose of It is tasty ma! - Tiger Prawns with Green Bell Pepper

Mughda of Cooking Fundas - Machha Jhola

Chicken, Mutton, Beef :

R & R of Tadka Pasta - Pop's Peppery Chili

Julie of tasty Treat - Chicken stew

Laxmi of Samayal Diary - Chicken Curry with Vegetables

Sharmistha of COOK-A-DOODLE-DO  - Whole Chicken Roast

Mughda of Cooking Fundas - Garlic Chicken, Mutton Achari

Shobha of Food Mazaa - Niramish or Prashadi Mangsho

Laxmi of Samyal Diary - Dragon Chicken

Saraswathi of Saras's Kitchen - Tandoori Chicken

Quinoa, Nuts and Others:

Shanavi of Kitchen Secrets - Quinoa Kheer/Payasam

Muskaan of A2Z Vegatarian Cuisine - Quinoa Oats Mix Vegetable Crepe/Dosa

Richa Hingle of Hobby and More - Almond butter cookies (Vegan)

Vatsala of Show and Tell - Cashew Curry

 Nupur Mehra of UK- Rasoi - Peanut Butter Cookies

Anamika of Taste Junction - Spinach Spaghetti

Amritha of AK's Vegetarian Recipe World - Jack Fruit Seeds Masala

Sravani  of Srav's Culinary Concepts - Carrot Rice

Anu of Anu's Healthy Kitchen - Barley Mint Stoup

Kalva of Curry in Kadai - Mushroom Aloo Tikkis

Radhika of Tickling Palates - Peas Chaat ~ Beach Style

Meenakshi of Random Ponderings of a Working Mom - Apple Spice Bread Muffin

Finally, my entry under this section - Badam Elaichi Milkshake

Now its the AWARD time....:). 

I received 129 entries. It was a difficult job to sort out all the entries and categorize, but choosing the winners was more difficult. So there are multiple winners in most of the categories :). Selecting the Most Innovative and Favourites was a tough task for me. Friends, I would say all of you are winners and I liked all the wonderful entries you have sent. But I had to choose a here goes the list of all the award winners in each category.


There is only a single winner. I have used to choose the winner of the event.

Congrats Saraswathi of Saras's Kitchen !! You are the winner of this event :)


As I already said, it was a tough task to find most innovative entries. I have chosen those which I felt were really different and creative. I am amazed by these recipes.

Sangeetha of Typical Indian Cooking - Vegetable Omelet Paniyaram
Shanavi of Kitchen Secrets - Quinoa Kheer/Payasam
Anu of  Anu's Healthy Kitchen - Barley Mint Stoup
Shobha of  Food Mazaa - Rajma Soup


Laxmi of Samayal Diary tops by sending wonderful  9 entries.
Sangeetha  of Typical Indian Cooking- 8 entries
Harini-Jaya of Tamalapaku  and Mugdha of Cooking fundas has sent 7entries.

Thanks a lot for your constant effort and support :)

GOOD FOOD's Favourites

I found it very difficult to decide which are my favourites from a bunch of such lovely entries. All the entries were healthy and delicious ones. Still I chose some of my favourites, which I really liked.

Sangeetha of Typical Indian Cooking - Soya Rolls
Raji of Vegetarian Tastebuds - Grilled Sprouts Sandwich
Laxmi of Samayal Diary -  Prawns/Shrimps 65
Kaveri of  Palakkad Chamayal -  Rajma Soya Tikki
Deeksha of Dees Kitchen - Left over dal vada


Sarah of Spoonful Of Delight - Tandoori Chicken with Olive Oil
Suma of Veggie Platter - Pesarattu

PARTICIPATION award for all.

CONGRATS to all :)

Please accept these awards and display them on your wonderful space. Once again, I would like to thank each one of you who participated in this event.

Hope this event helped you to know and learn different type of proteinicious food. Try these out !!

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Sangeetha M said...

no words...mind blowing..and i should appreciate you Sobha for your effort and strain you put to split these entries...and the awards you have chosen also very appropriate..and am so happy that one of my recipe comes under your fav one..thank you :) I am honored to receive such lovely awards from you dear !!! will proudly post it in my blog :-)

Mugdha said...

Congrats Sara on ur winning....Thanx Shobha, its ndeed a nice event and the roundup s gr8..thanx for giving such a lovely award 2 me...:)

Unknown said...

Lovely roundup..

Ramya said...

Lovely roundup...You have put so much of time and effort to segregate and present these..kudos..

Unknown said...

Congrats Sara for winning the event. Thanks Sobha for doing all the hard work and such great round up post.

Linked both of you here :


Sarah said...

Awesome roundup Sobha! Thank you so much for the awards :) You made my day! And really appreciate all the work you have put into this event.

Sarah said...

Congrats to all the participants and winners !

Urmi said...

Heartiest congratulations to you. You have done a marvellous job and I appreciate for your great effort. Thanks for the award.

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

Thanks for the award...

harini-jaya said...

gr8 roundup and thanks for the award!

Mélange said...

Nice,helpful and yummy round-up Shobha..And such a truthful idea of presenting awards..Congrats to all award winners here !

Reva said...

Awesome roundup dear:) Thanks for the award and Congrats to all the winners. Each and every dish is wonderful and delicious looking. Bookmarked for future referral... Loved it dear:)

Shobha said...

Congrats to Sara for the WIN.
and it is such a successful roundup with so many entries...well done!

Shobha said...

Dear Sobha,
I am glad and honoured to recieve the MOST INNOVATIVE AWARD from you :)

Radhika's Kitchen said...

Lovely roundups. Good effort and hats off.

Deeksha said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful award.

Laxmipriya said...

Great roundup.. Congrats to Saraswathi and all those who participated.. I am proud receiving awards.. Thanks a lot and appreciate your efforts..

Anonymous said...

Woww.. This is amazing.. I have to say that its great to see so much effort and passion for conducting events :D Great going.

Unknown said...

Wonderful roundup. Good to see the recipes at one place. Congrats to the winners.


Saraswathi Ganeshan said...

Thanks for selecting me as a winner and I am so excited to receive it..Kudos to your effort for categorizing & selecting the awards between our friends.

Anonymous said...

Congrats all and thank you for the award shobha


Raji said...

Lovely round up Sobha and I am so glad to see my entry chosen by you as one of the favourites...yippee.

Priya Sreeram said...

congrats to all the winners and thanks for the partiipation badge !


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