About this blog

Welcome to my blog - GOOD FOOD. This is my first blog ever.

I love to experiment a lot in cooking. Whenever I cooked something new,  I used to forget to write down the recipe. It was so difficult to recollect them later. Then I started scribbling down my recipes in a book. But many times I had almost lost my book. I am happy that its still with me , safe! Very recently, I thought of writing everything in a blog so that it will remain there forever :). So I slowly started to write in my blog, after a few posts I thought of making it visible to all you out there. This resulted in the birth of my blog - Good Food.

As the name suggests, I always try to add the recipes of good food, I mean the healthy food :). I believe in the fact  that "Eat healthy and Be healthy".

I know that there are many food blogs.Many of them are really awesome and I am amazed by the wonderful recipes. Good Food is a small attempt from my side. I would love to share my cooking experiences and recipes.

Hope you will like my blog and I do appreciate your comments.Your comments are my inspirations.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Join with me in the journey of  GOOD FOOD...!!.


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