Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bread Pizza

Bread Pizzaaa....yes, its a very yummy and quick snack. When you really yearn to have a quick bite of a pizza, this is it..prepare a homemade pizza which is easy and not much heavy too. Kids will eat this whole heartedly. Add veggies, cheese and pizza sauce as you wish.


Bread Slices 
Vegetables of your choice (I used onions, corn n tomatoes)
Pizza Sauce
Italian Seasoning

Toast the bread slices on a frying pan. If you want you can add butter on the bread and then toast.
If you do not like the raw taste of the vegetables, just microwave them for a minute or two.
Spread the sauce on the bread slices. Keep the desired  vegetables on the bread.
Add the cheese on the top. Microwave for about a minute or until cheese melts.
Sprinkle the italian seasoning,salt and pepper before you serve.

*I used Honey Wheat Bread, you can use any bread you like.
*If you dont have Pizza sauce, you can try with any tomato sauce you have.But Pizza sauce is best.
*You can make the bread pizza without toasting the bread also. But I liked it when the bread is toasted as it gives a slight crispness to the bread.

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